Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Even Now

So, once again, before I'm compelled
To carve out spaces for the big rocks--
crowded out by the small stones,
growing ever bigger in the incubator of stress, Lord...

Before the nuclear reactors become critical
and repairs tools and fogging googles
make a Widowmaker of me. . .

Before I find I am powerless
to resist the dangerous tides that pull
back on me and suction feet in tidal pools...

Before all that

Allow me to sit here with You
in these moments
As the tide begins turning and creeping
So You can keep waves at bay, God

Let me find these moments
of respite not in spite of
but rather because of
the waves You've decreed and their coming

Let me rest here, warmhearted,
and seated in heavenly places
Safe, within the heart of the Lighthouse

Nestled secure in the light
of the pilot's
Facing the sea and its troubles
at peace and secure, God,
With no need to take up arms 
against them . . .

To lean on Your everlasting ones
be my passion and wisdom, God,

Until I'm singing and shouting and laughing and dancing
louder than the crash and pounding of waves
that otherwise would be spelling the death of me--
Courageously and supernaturally strong in the face of them--
Just as Your face leads me through them

And safely

at tide's ebb
and flow

at storm's
first wind

and at its



[You] are with me

[When the end isn't here, God,
But it feels like it is
Like it might be the end
 of me, Lord, and my strength]--

to the end
of the age"

Better things of Yours, begin, God,
When I'm found 
at the end
 of my strength.

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