Saturday, March 22, 2014

After All

It's when You are doing the new thing
When You are making ways in the wilderness
That I find You are ever amazing me, God,
That You are ever displacing me to awaken me
To Your goodness,
Your higher thoughts and higher ways

For I am awestruck by Your goodness
In the barrenest places
Where I have no reason to see aught else
But desert, God,
Where I have been challenged
But never deserted nor close to forsaken

For You are there, God, in the sun's piercing light
and in the evening's blanketed chills
You are with me
Awakening me to hope again
And believe You most radically
for the seeming impossibilities

Until I am sure You are bigger and far more encompassing 
than the struggles and the desert and the star-riddled sky
That sprinkle the horizon above and below
with their greatness--

never greater than You, Lord

And I look past the dunes and the cactus
And the creatures that anchor my eyes to the sand

I just savor all You are, that You are to me, God
I just savor Your wonderful grace
and inescapable presence
that makes a way in the wildnerness
and a highway called Holiness
Where I know that I know that I know
Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light

And it is enough just to know You are with me
and in me
before me, 
behind me, 
beside me

before it,
and during it,
All to enable my faithful enduring it--
delivered, at last, 

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