Monday, March 3, 2014

Desert Spaces

I am facing a drought, Lord
It's a drought of unknown proportions

Just like You, God,
Are infinitely larger than it could ever be, 
though properly measured

I am facing a lonely place
Where the chasms are absent presences
and present absences

And it feels so hard and desolate sometimes,
Though I try to be mature about it and put things into proper perspective

The monotony of desert landscape
Unbroken by oases

Are just light and momentary afflictions really

but at the moment,
they are quite burdensome

Help me remember the secret rivers of the desert
Where I suddenly find refreshment and rest

Help me know I am ever in this world
a desert--
it only seems like an island at times--
it only seems as if there is something more to this nothingness void--
our lives here are void, God, without You in them
No matter how full they may appear

That's what it is to know You
To see the former emptiness
To watch it melt away
And find You fill it
Immeasurably more than we could ever dare dream

And even then,

With hearts full, near breaking,
We look for a building and a city, whose Maker is God
Another time and place away

Help me warm myself quietly in the sun-baked shelters and overhangs
that hide me in the cleft of the rock
and show me glimmers of Your goodness

Glimmers I would miss
if more mountainous or forested or riven
Were my view

Even here, Lord,
Even now

I see Your goodness

For Your goodness, as You, Lord,
Is forever
and good!

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