Saturday, March 8, 2014

You'll Get Through This

It's what we do with disappointment 
that matters more than 
how it finds out
All our secret places,
opening wounds we thought 
were long since healed
and find were only buried;
inoculated against 
only one strain

It's in those moments of poignant presence that 
Critical decisions are made

for better or worse
to love or divorce
to endure or fail

It's in those moments
That we need One to help us
Look past ourselves
And fix our gaze above those disappointments,
those imperfect people
Til at last all "the things of earth
grow strangely dim..."

Until we see He is working it out,
So you will get through this!

He endured the cross 
for resurrection!

So You can believe Him for what he says:

"So we do not lose heart."

And just in case, we do...

He did all that, too,
So we could pick up the pieces and
Surrender them to Him
Finding the courage 
to believe Him,
Trust His Word,
once and forever,

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