Saturday, April 12, 2014

All of Me

God, I've never done things by halves
I've given my whole heart
My whole self
Unless I've found myself afraid

Sometimes I'm afraid of the deep end, God
Sometimes I'm so fearful to
Relinquish my cherished hopes and dreams

Despite your faithfulness
And cocooning love

I find myself fearful

Unless I remember

You use those times to teach me
The art and craft of surrender
My own inadequacies
Are the soil for Your grace and Your love, God
To lead me this far and still farther again
Until I am there again

Not withholding heart's longings
Not keeping You from owning every part of me


I want to go there again, God
I want to give You all the core parts of me
and then
I want to give You 
part and participle of all that makes me, me


For I have found You
In the heart of surrender
I have listened to Your heartbeat
When I've surrendered all before

I have found Your peace and strength, God,
Have found You are everything I need

Only when I've come to the end of my stubbornness and strength

And it is worth it, always.


It's not the laying down of things, God
But the laying down of me
that counts

It's the picking up my cross
Being brought from death to life again 
by the resurrecting power of You.

The "I will rise"
Here and now

Until the ultimate rising
then and there

I see Your handprints here
But there I'll see You face to face.


As Abraham laid down far less of Isaac
and laid down much more of himself, God

And found he could believe You to provide You, God
Not only as a substituionary ram
But also as the ultimate sacrifice of
bringing back the dead to life again 

Faithful steward, You are, ever to us, God
Of every hope and every dream,
Surpassing our ability to ask or think

Take all of me, therefore, God
Let me be Abraham and Isaac reenacted
My life be You and not myself, God


Thank You for loving all of me
Ever redeeming me
Proving each time I can trust You
No matter who or what I lay down

I'm giving You 
every part and hole, God,
I'm giving You
ALL of me!

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