Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Panorama Trail

Struggling with this rough draft, but it will be transformed eventually. just be patient, if you're reading this

Sometimes the only way out is up
The only ground gained
by the downward press of footprints
on narrow trails and steep
Losing ground below us
to attain the reach above, just
Switching back and forth
towards freedom
Under hot blaze of sun
Into night's drastic chill

The spiders come weaving doubts
And the snakes hiss out fears
Balance lost on stony ground
Seconds' rest on bouldered bounds

You walk down and up the wrong trailhead
No one else is coming
No one else knows where you are
Til you eek out a signal
And even then you are told to PRESS ON!

Turn around, retrace trail, find the path again
Labor far beyond your own strength

Follow light beams--
one stop, less,
moves you forwards

Focus deeply
on the Voice
Oft repeating,
"You can do this;
You're doing so great;
Yes, you can!"

To stop is death from hypothermia;
But striding onwards increases your life.

You do not tire out til the morning--
at the first stop,
you were sure you would--
or the next one
or the ten more after that one--
that came two grades shy of convincing you
there was no way to hike out this time

You just keep pressing til your
muscles, once jelly,
are transformed to the hind's legs you've found

He will not forsake you alone at the summit
He'll make a way where He carries you at last
Robed in comfort
Under stardust so luminous
You are singing
You've hiked out and into
your re-energized life.

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