Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dry Bones

"Can these bones live?"
God asked Ezekiel.

And sometimes
I am truly grateful
That He did not first
put that question to me.

We're so sure
On this side of it
What we would want to say.

We're so sure
we'd have faith to believe.

What a question!

"Thou knowest,"
Ezekiel says.

And God honors him
for the simple fact
that he told Him
he believed.

Not a vision of dehydrated
will most of us see,

But there will be vision
by the valley
between what You promise
and what is seen

I want to remember
when perhaps all things
seem hopeless

that You have strengthened my faith
to believe

The first milestone
didn't seem as helpless

the second turning point
amazed and awed me

that last battle
You fought while I trusted

Brought me here
So I'd say, "I believe!"

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