Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Time I'll Lie Here

This time I'll lie here
Not the things
nor the symptoms

but the root and the cause

I'll lie here

Don't listen to my wants
Don't listen to my "needs"
Search past them
Til You're deep enough
To see what's true for me

I don't want to vacate the space
in a moment
as I've done before

Or slide into a moment
and desperate

As I have also done
to somehow offset
minor pain

This time
I'll ease onto the cross
and committedly

I'll still brace myself for nails
but not squirm free of them
or swipe my arm away
before the nails...

not this time

because I trust You
to redeem from the suffering
more than you can
with who I now am

because I believe You
when You say
that resurrection
is always preceded
by suffering's fellowship

My life is Your life
and my life's in Your hands.

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