Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Inevitable

Why do things have to change?
Or, rather,
why do they bother me so when they do?

It's like the grownup child
inside of me
emerges every time
change comes

It's only the inevitable

Perhaps that's why I chafe at change

I watch old movies and read books published
Long before my birth
For the memories they've frozen
For the outsider view

And I internalize lost worlds
Like an atlas
Til I speed myself through them

It's the here and now
inconstant, soon
That evades me
like the steps of a waltz
or the Charleston
No matter how many times I study it

For the present is a shifting current river
And the water I hold
never the same in my hands

Give me quieter waters
sans stagnant
Let me study my hand
in the same light and same part of stream

That's the poor choice I would make if I had one
the way would seem right
but I'd perish in the end

It's the "such a time as this"
I am meant for

Letting summer fade and mellow the sweetness
it once held
when it was a lengthy stretch of uninterrupted days

Where is my innocent childhood and springtime
I wished away with the speed of a jet plane?

Where are the past lives
i can't live
but know outside in
like the back of my own hand?

They are past me now
They are somewhere

I must believe
the best days are ahead

Romans 8:28 says
that's inevitable, too.

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