Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Mending Heart

Letting go of my control
And my fears
Of all I know and still don't

Clinging close to Your truth
And Your presence
And the dreams You possess

Don't know why I have failed
Until now
For to see You
In ways that mean more

Than the first search
The Shepherd made
In seeking the lost.

I am that sheep who has wandered
Not to sin but towards brokenness

And you have found me and held me
As I have run into your arms
Before I wriggled free
By the power of a love so much greater and closer
Than my broken heart could swallow
After braving broken glass

You are waiting at the crossroads
That started the journey, off course and left 

It's okay to come closer, to hold me
Together--we'll start walking back

I'll allow myself to be carried.

This time I'll surrender it all.

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