Tuesday, January 27, 2015

By Joy

So fitting my last post anticipated what I could not
How this day would come and its breaking away
Caused by change.

I could not foresee then how the breaking away would break me
Into joyful awe at the grace of it
The right feel of it

When it came down right to it

It was right I should leave
And let them go on their way

And the wonder-filled grace
of a quickly healed pain

Left me tugging on clock hands
wanting time still
just to linger
with a joy I can't let go
and must greet
tomorrow's new day
full faith believing
that this joy will not outpace me
but keep embracing my heart;
it will not leave me as oft forgotten dreams do

There is an aching
as a growing pain

and my heart finds its courage
to consider
I might find sweet love

Copyright 2014 Angela M. Byrd

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